Client Testimonials

"What truly distinguishes Chris is his ability to deliver results. At a glance, his approach to strength training is straightforward but his talent as a coach far exceeds the ability to program an effective workout.  He possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in working with individuals who vary in terms of their motivation, commitment, and capacity, which ultimately leads to significant client improvements in terms of strength, fitness, and technique. He creates programs to suit the particular goals and needs of each individual that he works with, and he knows when to provide encouragement, push boundaries or adapt the plans. 

In his coaching, Chris meets clients where they are at in their fitness journey, offering incremental programming, guidance, and support to help them progress. When suggesting adjustments, Chris provides concrete and actionable advice that often yields immediate positive outcomes.   I especially appreciate Chris' ability to listen attentively and to articulate the rationale for the use of program elements. This demonstrates his knowledge of anatomy, strength training principles and personal experience as an athlete.   By relying on evidence-based programming, Chris makes it simple for clients to adhere to their plans and commit to long-term transformation. 

I first hired Chris when I was looking for a personal trainer to get back on track with my fitness, but at that point, I truly didn't know what I didn't know.  Since then, I have learned the value of a truly exceptional trainer and coach and am grateful for the opportunity to work with him." - Susan Alisat, Canadian Powerlifting League National Record Holder